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Discover the wellness and relaxation that a hot tub or spa can bring to your home. Enrich your quality of life with peaceful hydrotherapy that is excellent for relieving stress and pain throughout the body or enjoy the many entertainment options that modern hot tubs and spas have to offer.

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Our Top-shelf swim spas are designed to bring the joy of fitness, swimming, and relaxation right to your backyard. Whether you’re looking for aqua therapy or want a rejuvenating soak, our swim spas are the perfect solution for you and your entire family. Visit our showrooms or buy online from our online store today!

Swim Anytime, Anywhere

With our premium Swim Spa models, you can enjoy the benefits of swimming at any time that suits your schedule. Our swim spas provide a convenient and private space for you to indulge in the pleasure of swimming without leaving the comfort of your home. So, say hello to the freedom of swimming whenever you desire. We have Catalina Swim Spas in stock for you, which feature the latest technologies such as AquaFlow™ Technology, Air Injected Swim Current, HydroFlex Massage Jets, and more. Explore our website to see these amazing swim spas and choose the one you love the most.

Spa & Hot Tub Combo

Our dual-temprature hot tub-swim spa combination isnt just for fitness but also for luxurious hot tub sessions for relaxation. After an intense swim or workout, you can enjoy the soothing warmth of your swim spa. The dual functionality feature makes them versatile to your outdoor space, catering to your relaxation and fitness needs.

Our Pool series spas are a versatile addition to your home. Its Stainless Exercise Rail provides stability and support for various exercises, ensuring a safe and effective workout experience. The Insulated Cover helps maintain optimal water temperature, reducing energy costs and prolonging the lifespan of the spa. Our Pool Series Spas are quicker, more functional, and don’t break the wallet compared to a traditional in-ground pool.

Fun for the Entire Family

Our swim spas are designed with families in mind, enabling you to create lasting memories while enjoying quality time with your loved ones in the comfort of your home. These products offer a safe and enjoyable space suitable for both children and adults, making them the perfect investment for family fun and relaxation. With the latest features like digital controls, the capacity to hold over 1000 lbs, and powerful hydrotherapy jets, you can savor every moment spent swimming or relaxing in your swim spa.

Fitness Enthusiasts’ Haven

Catalina Swim Spas is a haven for fitness enthusiasts and athletes. Add swim spa sessions into your workout routine today, and experience a full-body workout in the soothing water. The air-injected flow stream in our swim spas ensures a consistent swim, making it a perfect choice for those looking to take their fitness to another level. Come by our showrooms today to explore our swim spas in stock for you.

Aqua Therapy at Your Fingertips

Aqua therapy has been widely recognized for its benefits in treating various physical conditions such as muscle tension, joint pain, and stress. Our swim spas manufactured by “Catalina Spas” are designed to offer a therapeutic experience that combines water’s buoyancy with hydrotherapy’s healing touch. The design of our swim spa models provides a serene environment that promotes rejuvenation, making it an ideal wellness product for those looking to relax and improve their overall well-being.

Enjoy Air Injected Swim Current Feature

Aqua Living Stores has swim spas that are equipped with the latest technology, like air-injected swim currents. This feature ensures a smooth yet powerful current for a realistic swimming experience. The air-injected flow stream creates resistance that challenges even the most experienced swimmers, enabling them to tailor their workout to their fitness level. Along with the air-injected swim current feature, our swim spa models include features such as a Chemical Starter Kit, LED stainless jets, LED Underwater Light, and more. Drop by our showrooms today to check the swim spas we currently have in stock.
Swim Spa for swimming exercises

The Original Swim Spa Manufacturer

Catalina Spas, a leading swim spa manufacturer, made history in 1980 by launching the first model. Since then, the company has been at the forefront of swim spa innovation, continually improving its swim spas to meet the evolving needs of consumers. When you choose our Catalina Spa swim spa, you’re choosing a brand with decades of reputation for excellence. Equipped with LED cascading waterfalls, perimeter lighting, and spa side handrail features, Catalina Swim Spas is a top choice for anyone looking for the finest spa experience.

Revitalize Your Wellness Journey

Catalina Swim Spas in our stock goes beyond traditional models by providing a versatile platform for exercise. To revitalize your wellness journey, you can customize your swim spa with additional exercise equipment, creating a complete home gym experience. At Aqua Living Stores, the possibilities are endless, as we offer a comprehensive fitness solution with our premium-grade swim spa models. Featuring LED backlit controls, river swim jets, a cantilevered umbrella, and more, our swim spas stand out as the best in the market.
Affordable swim spa models

Swim Spas Fully Loaded With Latest Features

The standard features of our swim spas include being fully insulated, equipped with LED stainless jets, an LED Underwater Light, LED-backlit controls, River swim jets, LED cascading waterfalls, Airless swim current, Perimeter lighting, and a Spa Side Handrail.


They also have Digital controls, a capacity to hold over 1000 lbs, Hydrotherapy jets, a Bluetooth music feature, LED-backlit magnetic pillows, LED crystal water features, and LED water fountains, and they are proudly made in the USA. Our swim spas are ideal for wellness therapy seekers and anyone who enjoys swimming in the comfort of their home with their loved ones.

Why Choose Us?

At Aqua Living Stores, we are dedicated to selling high-quality swim spas that are built to last with reliable materials and advanced technology. When you select our swim spas, you choose a product that can withstand the test of time. To suit your lifestyle, you can customize your swim spa and select from various sizes, colors, and features to create something that complements your outdoor space and meets your needs. Our customization options at Aqua Living Stores include spa accessories such as chemicals, spa filters, hardware, spa pillows, spa steps, and more, allowing you to have the swim spa of your dreams. Moreover, our team is here to guide you from the moment you begin exploring our products to the installation and beyond. Don’t wait; purchase your dream swim spa today and swim, soak, and unwind in all-in-one swim spas by Aqua Living Stores.

Explore Our Swim Spa Collection Today!

Enjoy the experience of shopping by visiting our nearest outlet today, as we are located in multiple locations all across the United States. You can also buy online through our official website to explore our swim spas’ amazing features and specifications in more detail. Don’t wait; transform your home with our premium-grade swim spas and dive into a world of spa bliss. Contact for more details.

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