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Self-Contained Fire Feature

Self-Contained Fire Feature, makes the Catalina Luxury Spas the only product on the market with this incredible integrated fire element. Encased in tempered glass, the Fire Feature adds to the ambiance and ensures safety during hot tub sessions. 

Self-Contained Fire Feature when combined with our hot tub eliminates the need for constant monitoring. With just a simple pour and a spark, you can take your hydrotherapy session experience to a whole new level. Buy our products available at with the Self-Contained Fire Feature and enjoy the fun and relaxing hot tub and spa sessions with your loved one. Shop your way: Explore our products in-store or browse conveniently online.

Heat Flow Manifold

Our patented technology, the Heat Flow Manifold, is the key feature that sets our hot tubs and swim spas apart from others. Unlike traditional hot tub and spa models, Aqua Living’s innovative design allows for the natural heating of water without the use of a heater. This is made possible through the strategic addition of small notches in the PVC of our manifolds, creating friction as hot tub water flows through and heating it as it reaches the jets. 

Multiple Heat Flow Manifolds are integrated into our prouducts, catering to both 110V and 220V systems. This amazing feature is particularly best for 110V hot tubs, where running the pumps and heater simultaneously is not feasible due to voltage limitations. However, with the latest technology in our products, you can enjoy hot water while running the jets, even in 110V models.

Our Heat Fold Manifolds are designed to give you the finest jet power without compromising on warmth, making our 110V hot tubs a fantastic plus cost-effective choice. Even in our 220V hot tubs, our patented Heat Fold Manifolds offers an innovative way to save energy. While it’s possible to run a pump and heater at the same time in our hot tub models, our focus is on minimizing our environmental impact and keeping electricity bills low. 

On top of this, The Heat Flow Manifolds only operate when the jets are at full blast, ensuring that the water never overheats during periods of inactivity. The best part? This technology is standard in every single one of our hot tubs. So, when you choose an Aqua Living hot tub or swim spa, you’re not just getting an average product; you’re investing in the most advanced technology that is transforming how we relax in our homes. Find your perfect match in our showrooms or dive into our online collection at

Turbo Seat Technology

At Aqua Living, we’ve redefined the hot tub experience by combining innovation and relaxation. Our game-changing Turbo Seat Technology with the patented Multi Pump Plumbing System is the secret behind our 110V hot tub models. By strategically placing low-voltage pumps under the seats, this technology has completely revolutionized how water flows directly from the pump to the jets, delivering incredible pressure from the jets, just like a 220V spa. 


What’s more, our 110V hot tubs and spas are plug-and-play devices, which means there is no need for complicated electrical installations. With Aqua Living, you can experience the convenience and power of Turbo Seat Technology. Visit our showrooms near your home or explore our products online at  

Aqua Rejuvenation System

Step into the future of hot tub innovation with Aqua Living products fully loaded with the latest features. Our revolutionary LED Light Therapy system turns your backyard into the best spa experience ever. With our patented Aqua Rejuvenation System, you can enjoy the therapeutic light therapy while soaking in your hot tub and spa. This isn’t just a trend – it’s a wellness revolution. 


Scientifically proven to reduce inflammation, stimulate collagen production,  and promote cellular repair, our LED Light Therapy offers the finest skin rejuvenation. But we don’t stop there – you can choose from colors like green, blue, red and address your specific skin needs. 


Why settle for a standard hot tub or spa session experience when you can take your hydrotherapy sessions to a new level with the Aqua Rejuvenation System. Visit, local showrooms, or shop effortlessly from our online store.

AnyTemp Spa with Water Chiller

AnyTemp Spa technology can be used for setting the temperature of your choice. AnyTemp Spa Technology in our hot tubs, swim spas, and cold tubs is a game-changer that allows you to chill and heat water to the temperature that you want. With our patented technology, we can incorporate multiple temperature control devices into a single hot tub, spa, or cold tub.

This means you get a water chiller and a water heater during hydrotherapy sessions. This is an amazing feature, especially in hotter climates where using an improperly chilled swim spa could pose serious health risks. This ensures you can maintain a comfortable temperature year-round, guaranteeing safe hydrotherapy and swimming experiences.

Say goodbye to standard hot tubs and swim spas – experience the fun , convenience and versatility of a chiller and water heater. Discover why Aqua Living hot tubs and swim spas are truly in a class of their own. Experience it firsthand: Visit our showrooms or browse our online store to explore more about our products and their amazing features.

Tuff Top

Our Tuff Top cover at Aqua Living: the permanent solution for your hot tub cover needs. Our patented Tuff Top cover is designed to last a lifetime, with a hard shell that fully encapsulates the insulation, ensuring no more cracks or tears. We are confident in its durability, and we offer a lifetime warranty on all Tuff Tops. Forget all the issues you have been facing traditional covers like poor smell, saggy shapes and short lifespans. 

On top of that , when it comes to durability, the Tuff Top covers can withstand over 1000 pounds, protecting your hot tub model from the elements. With its modern design, the Tuff Top cover not only offers functionality but also adds a touch of elegance to your hot tub sessions. Say hello to the last hot tub cover you will ever buy. Experience it in person or shop from the comfort of your couch: Showrooms or online stores, you choose! Contact us for more details.

Therma Fill

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