Unwind in Style with Hottub.com's Cool Spa (CS6)

Taking it easy has never been so cool! The Cool Spa (CS6) by Hottub.com is the right place to escape it with two friends or your loved ones. Enjoy the relaxing dual temperature control, the targeted treatment jets, and the new features that have been added to make your spa experience even better for your comfort. Contact Hottub.com today to learn more about our Cool Spa (CS6) model.

Seating For Three

Enjoy the high-end comfort of the Cool Spa (CS6) by Hottub.com, which has large seats for three people so you can relax with friends or a loved one. These swim spas have two temperature settings. Its 12 treatment jets on both the hot and cold sides make it a great place to enjoy water therapy. If you want to relax, the Cool Spa is the perfect choice. The strong 1hp and circulation pumps on each side will improve your experience. Discover the best way to relax and feel good with the Cool Spa (CS6) from Hottub.com.

Dual-Temperature Control

The Cool Spa (CS6) from Hottub.com is the next generation of relaxing equipment. It has cutting-edge dual temperature control. This new and improved swim spa strikes a perfect mix, letting you easily tailor your experience to your needs. On one side, you can enjoy refreshing cold therapy, which is excellent for recharging; on the other, you can switch to soothing hot treatment, which is great for relaxing muscles. Since it can clean water quickly, this swim spa is an excellent option for public pools. Join the Cool Spa (CS6) and dive into health.

Powerful Pump Performance

The Cool Spa (CS6) by Hottub.com offers water therapy. It has a solid dual-pump system that ensures a strong and energizing experience. With two 1hp pumps, one on each side, this swim spa is perfectly designed to give you a massage that will relax your muscles and make you feel better. The Cool Spa (CS6) thermal jets make the healing effects even better. Take a deep breath and relax in the Cool Spa (CS6), where strong pump performance meets the art of complete relaxing.

3-person seating Cool spa CS6

Efficient Circulation Pumps

With the Cool Spa (CS6) by Hottub.com, you can get the ultimate spa experience. The air pumps on both the cold and hot sides always keep you comfortable. These circulation pumps are made to keep the water moving all the time, so the temperature stays comfortable while you soak. Get in the cool spa (CS6) and relax in its peaceful water flow.

Therapy Jets Galore

The Hottub.com Cool Spa (CS6) has 12 treatment jets on each side, making it the best hydrotherapy experience ever. There are 24 therapy jets ready for your next soak. You can choose between cold therapy on one side and hot therapy on the other. This swim spa is carefully made to meet your water therapy and rest needs. Take a deep breath and relax in the Cool Spa, where focused relaxation is more than just a promise—it’s a luxurious reality.

Personalized Temperature Control

Discover personalized comfort with the Cool Spa (CS6) from Hottub.com, featuring precise heating and chilling for tailored temperature control. With a robust 4kw heater, effortlessly warm the water to a blissful 104 degrees, creating an inviting environment for relaxation and aquatic therapy. On the flip side, embrace refreshing temperatures as low as 39 degrees with the 1hp chiller, capable of reaching an icy 37 degrees. Whether you seek the warmth of a hot soak or the revitalizing coolness for a refreshing dip, the Cool Spa (CS6) ensures a temperature-controlled haven for every aquatic indulgence.

Tranquil Water Features

The Cool Spa (CS6) relaxing water features will make your swim spa experience more peaceful. Take in the relaxing atmosphere that the pop-up streams create, turning your spa experience into a haven of rest. Let the sound of water falling gently soothe your feelings and create an atmosphere that is good for your health. The Cool Spa (CS6) takes your swimming experience to a new level.

Set The Mood With LED Lighting

You can improve your relaxation with the bright glow of Cool Spa (CS6) changeable lighting, which can create a calm atmosphere or add energy to a lively meeting. Add a splash of color to your Cool Spa experience and make it your own by customizing your water haven.

Cool spa CS6 jets

Clean Water With Superior Filtration

The Cool Spa (CS6) by Hottub.com has an excellent filtering capacity, so the water is clean and clear. This swim spa has 50 square feet of space, with 25 square feet on each side. This ensures the water stays clean and ready for your next soak. You can relax knowing that the Cool Spa’s effective filter system works hard to eliminate dirt and germs, leaving you with a clean and comfortable space.

High-Performance Ozonator

With its cutting-edge ozone-cleaning technology, the Cool Spa (CS6) by Hottub.com is the healthiest and safest spa to own. Enjoy the built-in ozonator, which will purify water, ensuring every spa experience is always clean and refreshing. It uses ozone technology to clean the water, making it perfect for aqua therapy and relaxing swims at any time. Every bubble in the water at the Cool Spa promises a comfortable experience and spotless water.

Cool Spa CS6 Dual Voltage

Compact Dimensions

Check out the Cool Spa (CS6) from Hottub.com and see its versatility. Its compact size changes the ways you can relax. This swim spa is 82 inches long, 82 inches wide, and 36 inches high. It was carefully built to fit into any place, indoors or outdoors. The Cool Spa (CS6) ensures you can relax in any way you choose, whether through water therapy, a casual swim, or just lying in your swim spa.

Effortless Electrical Setup

The Cool Spa (CS6) has an easy-to-use electricity setup that is made for your ease. With the 220V and 50 amp GFCI electricity needs, turning on your spa is easy. Have peace of mind knowing that your Cool Spa is fired up quickly and ready for your swim. As easy as possible to relax, the Cool Spa allows you to do water therapy, swim whenever you want, or enjoy the warmth of your hot tub. If you’re going to escape to a world of peace, this swim spa’s easy power setup is just the beginning.

Limited Time Offer!

Use our limited-time offer to save money on the Cool Spa (CS6) by Hottub.com and take your rest to a new level. You can treat yourself to luxury without spending much because the Cool Spa (CS6) offers a $500 deal. You can now enjoy the ultimate swimming experience without breaking the bank. This is your chance to get the Cool Spa and enjoy the height of relaxation at a fantastic price.

Elevate Your Leisure with the Cool Spa by Hottub.com

With the Cool Spa by Hottub.com, you can turn your free time into an amazing adventure. Don’t miss this chance. The Cool Spa (CS6) is more than just a swim spa; it’s a place to relax in the best way possible. Imagine yourself relaxing in the calm water, soaking up the peaceful atmosphere, and savoring every moment of peace. Now is the time to make this dream come true. Order your Cool Spa (CS6) right now to enter a world where every soak celebrates health and luxury. With the Cool Spa by Hottub.com, you can elevate your lifestyle, enjoy every moment, and accept the special.

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