Unlimited Fun With Aqua Living Stores's Cool Spa (CS8)

Cool Spa (CS8) from Aqua Living Stores is the ultimate way to relax. It’s a haven of comfort and luxury. This four-person hot tub has many features that make it fun and exciting for you and your friends. With our Cool Spa (CS8), you will get an unmatched spa experience. So, feel free to contact us today and learn more about our Cool Spa (CS8) series.

A Cozy Space For Four

Enjoy the warmth of the Cool Spa (CS8) from Aqua Living Stores, which has enough room for four people to relax comfortably. The four-person seating in this spa is perfect for private times with family and friends. The Cool Spa (CS8) ensures everyone has a unique and relaxing treatment session by controlling two different temperatures and having 12 Therapy Jets on the Cold Side and 31 on the Hot Side. This small but roomy hot tub will make your free time more enjoyable. It can turn any event into a memorable moment of rest. Whether looking for peace on a quiet evening or having a party, Cool Spa is the right place for everyone to have fun.

Dual Temperature Control

Cool Spas (CS8) Dual Temperature Control feature will take you on a trip of perfectly balanced ease. The Aqua Living Stores swim spa is the best experience you’ll ever have because it lets you enjoy swimming and water therapy at two different temperatures. The Cool Spa has something for everyone, whether you want to swim to feel better or relax in a hot tub. Enjoy the benefits of water treatment with the refreshing coolness of the Cold Side or the comforting warmth of the Hot Side. Cool Spa from Aqua Living Stores is the most versatile water feature you can find.

Circulation Pumps

Cool Spas (CS8) modern Circulation Pumps are made to be both practical and relaxing. With a special 1HP Pump on the Cold Side and a strong 6HP Pump on the Hot Side, Cool Spa ensures the water flows smoothly, making the whole experience more relaxing. These pumps meet your needs in the water by making it easy to switch between using the swim spa and relaxing in the hot tub.

4-person seating Cool spa CS8

Personalized Relaxation For All

Cool Spas (CS8) Therapy Jets are carefully made to provide focused relief on both the Cold and Hot Sides. You can relax with the 12 Therapy Jets on the Cold Side and an amazing 31 on the Hot Side. These jets have been carefully placed to give you a unique and relaxing massage experience. Cool Spa’s Therapy Jets will give you a refreshing water flow that will make you feel better if you want to relax after a long day or ease the stress. Mix the fun of aqua therapy with the relaxation of a hot tub to make an unbeatable water getaway where you can swim and relax at your own pace.

Warmth On Demand

This swim spa from Aqua Living Stores has a 4kw heater that heats the water to a nice 104 degrees. You can enjoy the peaceful warmth whenever you want. With the temperature control feature, you can make your Cool Spa into a relaxing haven that fits your needs. Cool Spas Heater Capacity strikes the perfect balance, ensuring a personalized and relaxing water escape whether you’re doing aqua therapy, swimming, or relaxing in the hot tub.

Refreshingly Cool Moments

With Cool Spa’s (CS8) Cooling Capacity, you can enjoy refreshing water moments that will help you relax like never before. One great feature is the 1hp Chiller on the Cold Side, which can cool the water to a refreshing 39 degrees. Choose the 37-degree setting for an even cooler experience. This will keep you comfortable while you enjoy the peace and quiet of your Spa.

Pop-Up Waterfalls

The Cool Spa’s (CS8) beautiful Pop-up Waterfalls will take your spa experience to a new level. They are made to add peace and nature to your water oasis. These pop-up waterfalls by Aqua Living Stores create a peaceful atmosphere, offering a sensory escape that goes well with the healing benefits of aqua therapy. Cool Spa’s Pop-up Waterfalls let you enjoy nature’s beauty while enjoying moments of pure happiness.

Set The Mood With Radiance

Experience a visual feast with Cool Spa’s (CS8) beautiful LED lighting, which is meant to make your spa nights unforgettable. Relax in the soothing glow from the LED lights, making your water escape even more fun. Using Cool Spa’s LED Lighting makes your spa time more visually enjoyable. Enjoy the fun of swimming and relaxing while basking in the warm glow of the LED lights, which will make every moment of your watery pleasure even better.

Cool spa CS8 jets

Cool and Clear Water With Effective Filtration

With Cool Spa’s (CS8) amazing Filtration Capacity, you can ensure that the water in your swim spa or hot tub is always clean. With a large filtration area of 50 square feet, 25 square feet on each side, this carefully thought-out design ensures complete filtration. Relax and enjoy your spa time, knowing that Cool Spa (CS8) is dedicated to providing a clean water experience where every dip is a moment of pure happiness.

Space-Saving Luxury

The Cool Spa (CS8) is the perfect addition to your home because it saves room and gives you a luxurious experience. This compact hot tub (91x91x36 inches) allows you to add relaxation to your life without taking up too much room. Cool Spa is a beautifully crafted spa that will make your home look better and add a touch of luxury to your daily life.

Cool Spa CS8 Dual Voltage

Hassle-Free Power

The Cool Spa’s 220V-50 amp GFCI electrical requirement guarantees that the power setup is smooth and stress-free, so you can easily bring this luxury spa into your home. The user-friendly power specs of the Cool Spa make it easy to use. Experience the ultimate in relaxation without having to think about complicated power setups. Let Cool Spa (CS8) become a smooth and easy part of your home, giving you the perfect place to swim and relax at your own pace.

Fun Accessories & Features

A careful selection of extras and features will improve your Cool Spa (CS8) experience, giving you everything you need for a full and luxurious water retreat. The Cool Spa (CS8) comes with a hard foam cover that protects and insulates your swim spa or hot tub. A WiFi connection also gives your spa operations a modern look and makes things easier. Enjoy the ultimate in-water luxury, where every detail has been carefully thought out to ensure satisfaction.

Affordable Luxury

The Cool Spa (CS8) costs $9499 and is the perfect mix of ease and luxury. Act quickly to take advantage of our one-time sale that gives you a $500 discount on this luxurious oasis. Enjoy the fun of swimming or water therapy, or just take it easy at any time in the welcoming arms of Cool Spa. Everyone should be able to enjoy a higher level of rest without spending much money.

Unleash the Ultimate Relaxation with Cool Spa (CS8) from Aqua Living Stores

With the Cool Spa by Aqua Living Stores, you can turn your free time into an amazing adventure. Don’t miss this chance. The Cool Spa (CS6) is more than just a swim spa; it’s a place to relax in the best way possible. Imagine yourself relaxing in the calm water, soaking up the peaceful atmosphere, and savoring every moment of peace. Now is the time to make this dream come true. Order your Cool Spa (CS6) right now to enter a world where every soak celebrates health and luxury. With the Cool Spa by Aqua Living Stores, you can elevate your lifestyle, enjoy every moment, and accept the special.

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