Solo Fun With The Cool Solo CS0

Find the best way to relax independently with the Aqua Living Stores Cool Solo (CS0). This small but powerful spa is perfect for people who want to relax by themselves. Contact Aqua Living Stores to avail of amazing offers on the Solo CS0.

Water Circulation Pump

This Cold tub’s state-of-the-art circulation pump ensures perfect water flows so you can always enjoy a lively and energizing soak. The Cool Solo (CS0) is a personal spa for relaxing solo. With the Cool Solo (CS0), you can have a peaceful place to unwind. It provides a chilly relaxation experience and has many health benefits.

Water Cooling Pump

The CS0’s water-cooling pump can cool the water to 37 degrees. You get a robust 1hp chiller that will cool down quickly and stay at 37 degrees no matter what size cold tub you have. Because of this, the CS0 is perfect for people who want to enjoy the health benefits of cold water immersion in the privacy of their oasis. The CS0 lets you enjoy a cold plunge experience whenever you want. Enhance your cold therapy experience with Aqua Living Stores’s CS0.

30 sq Feet Filtration

The Cool Solo (CS0) by Aqua Living Stores has a cutting-edge 25-square-foot filtering system. Thanks to our advanced filter technology, you can enjoy the pleasure of clear water. This filtration mechanism ensures that the water in your hot tub stays clear so you can relax and enjoy a spa time of cleanliness with every dip. Its improved filtration, and wide range of functions make it the perfect relaxing place.

Solo seating Cool spa CS0


You can have a fun solo spa time with the Cool Solo (CS0) by Aqua Living Stores. This hot tub, a sleek 92x35x36 inches, is made to be used by one person only. It’s perfect for people who want their private oasis. The CS0 fits perfectly anywhere, so you can use it inside or outside. The CS0’s compact size makes it a flexible choice for all your needs. Improve your free time with the Cool Solo (CS0), which combines relaxation with many options for relaxing alone and working in the water.

Seating Capacity

The Cool Solo (CS0) from Aqua Living Stores is carefully built with a sitting capacity just right for you. Enjoy the peace of your private hot tub, powered by massaging jets making it a joyful experience for you and your friends. Get away from all the noise and chaos and enjoy comfort and peace in your very own Cool Solo (CS0).


The Cool Solo (CS0) has an easy-to-use power of 110V. You don’t have to worry about setting up or connecting this hot tub because it’s a simple plug-and-play device. Just plug in and enjoy your personal oasis’s comforting warmth and peace. The CS0 ensures that your experience is simple and quick so that you can enjoy these spas without any extra hassles.

Patent Pending Quick Connect Plug

The Cool Solo (CS0) by Aqua Living Stores has a patent-pending quick-join plug. This clever feature makes the installation process stress-free, so setting up your hideaway is a piece of cake. Spend more time enjoying the precision of these swim spas. The quick join plug on the CS0 allows you to have a smooth and enjoyable experience. The Cool Solo (CS0) will make your free time more enjoyable. It combines innovation with ease, making it easy to bring the luxury of pools into your home.

Cool spa CS0 jets
Cool Spa Temperature Control

Hard Foam Cover

The Cool Solo (CS0) from Aqua Living Stores, which comes with a hard foam cover, will make your hot tub experience safer and more efficient. With this important addition, your hot tub will be safe when it’s not in use, and the insulation will keep the water cold. It’s also a good idea for people who want to make their backyard a complete oasis. With the Cool Solo (CS0), you can enjoy the best safety and comfort.


The Cool Solo (CS0) by Aqua Living Stores is an affordable way to enjoy luxury. It costs only $3299. If you want to relax and feel better without spending much money, this cold tub is a great addition to your home spa. Get the peace and satisfaction you deserve without spending much money. Give yourself the Cool Solo (CS0), the affordable luxury. It will lead you to a world of rest and well-deserved peace.

Aqua Living Stores: The Best Solo Spa Experience With Solo Spa (CS0)

The Cool Solo (CS0) combines space-saving design with unrivaled comfort, allowing you to turn your free time into a private haven. Indulge in the calming waters, feel the water cooling pump’s refreshing effects, and appreciate the ease of use of the patent-pending fast attach connector. Cool Solo (CS0) from Aqua Living Stores is your ticket to reasonably priced opulence and solitude; it will take your relaxing experience to the next level.

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