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Brookfield Hot Tub Store

Brookfield Hot Tub Store

About Brookfield

Brookfield’s temperate climate allows residents to enjoy outdoor activities all year round. Our hot tubs and spas offer the perfect environment for relaxation and rejuvenation, whether basking in the summer sun or during the chilly winter nights that characterize Brookfield. Experience the therapeutic advantages, alleviate stress after a long day, soothe tired muscles, or savor the company of loved ones. Contact us now to discover our exquisite hot tubs and spas for sale in Brookfield.

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Tranquility Spa G-6 with Bluetooth® Waterproof Audio

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Tranquility Spa G-6 with Bluetooth® Waterproof Audio

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Tranquility Spa G-6 with Bluetooth® Waterproof Audio

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Tranquility Spa G-6 with Bluetooth® Waterproof Audio

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Find Your Ideal Spa System in Brookfield at Aqua Living

Discover luxurious living with Aqua Living’s range of hot tubs and spas in Brookfield, Wisconsin. Improve your well-being with our high-quality hot tubs and spas tailored to your needs. Our products are designed to upgrade your outdoor living experience, ensuring year-round comfort. Relax in the soothing waters of our hot tubs, which promote relaxation and offer the benefits of stress reduction and improved circulation.


Our products are meticulously made to provide excellent value and a wide range of features to enhance your spa experience. Each hot tub and spa is designed to meet your unique requirements, including invigorating hydrotherapy jets and state-of-the-art temperature control systems. Contact us to start your journey toward ultimate relaxation and well-being in Brookfield.


Find Your Perfect Hot Tub at Aqua Living

You can find the ideal hot tub or spa at Aqua Living’s Brookfield showroom in Wisconsin. Our wide selection is available for you to explore in person. We are committed to offering unique spa options to improve your relaxation experience. Let our sales staff assist you in choosing the right hot tub or spa to fit your lifestyle. Your journey to ultimate relaxation begins at our Brookfield location, where you can select from various customized options to meet your specific needs.


Our Stores in Brookfield

Aqua Living’s Brookfield location offers various hot tubs and spas to the neighborhood and surrounding areas. Our sales staff is ready to provide detailed product information and professional advice to help you find the hot tub or spa to meet your needs.


We understand the importance of investing in your well-being and provide personalized assistance tailored to your requirements. Contact us now or visit our Brookfield showroom to explore our selection of hot tubs and spas.


Durable spa systems in Brookfield


Our Hot Tubs and Spa Selection

At Aqua Living, we are dedicated to making relaxation accessible to everyone. We attempt to provide our Brookfield clients with the most refreshing experience possible by offering a wide assortment of hot tubs and spas. Furthermore, we offer a selection of crucial hot tub accessories designed to enhance your pleasure even more.


Hudson Bay Series

The Hudson Bay Series provides the ideal balance of durability and ease. These hot tubs effortlessly combine the strength of a 220V system with the simplicity of a 115V configuration, appealing to anyone wanting a small two-person hideaway or a large six-person gathering location. Our Hudson Bay Hot Tubs are known for their comfort and durability. They come with a three-year warranty to ensure high-quality relaxation.


Lifestyle Series

Our Lifestyle Series Spas provide unsurpassed relaxation. They offer a sumptuous experience with precisely positioned jets, integrated MP3 speakers, and an intelligent entertainment system. Our Lifestyle Series is backed by warranties that cover vital components and structural integrity, ensuring durability and peace of mind.


Plug and Power Series

Our Plug & Power Spas provide higher jet pressure and brilliant colors, elevating your relaxing experience. These spas perfectly integrate performance and elegance with traditional 220V electricity and Turbo Seat Technology, assuring longevity with extended shell and structure warranties.


Custom upgrades for hot tubs and spas


Tuff Standard Series

The Tuff Standard Spas and Hot Tubs combine durability and functionality with amenities like colorful lighting, Bluetooth radio, and padded headrests. With their unique “Tuff Top” cover, these spas provide the advantages of acrylic spas in a sturdy design meant to last.


Tranquility Series

Tranquility Series spas include advanced technology like full-foam insulation, ozonators, MP3-compatible speakers, and smart spa controls, providing the ultimate relaxing experience. The Tranquility Series offers a whole spa experience, including a spa cover, to ensure absolute relaxation.


Catalina Series

The Catalina Series combines beauty and simplicity, providing a relaxing refuge with high-quality components and an appealing design. Our Catalina Series spas, with their excellent elegance and quiet operation, are ideal for even the most demanding spa fans. Visit our Brookfield showroom today to view our selection of hot tubs and spas.


Hot Tub and Spa Accessories

Aqua Living in Brookfield provides a wide range of luxury hot tubs and accessories to upgrade your spa system and improve your relaxing experience.


Hot tub and spa filters


Chemicals and Filters

Our extensive selection of products ensures crystal-clear water, creating the ideal setting for relaxation. Rest assured that with our dependable products, you can relax and recharge, knowing your hot tub water is safe and delightful.

Spa Hardware

Our sturdy hardware components will increase the durability and performance of your hot tub. Our excellent hardware is carefully selected for its outstanding quality and longevity, enhancing the structural integrity of your hot tub and ensuring years of pleasure.


Spa Pillows

Our pillows add a touch of richness to your spa experience, providing exceptional comfort as you rest and rejuvenate in elegance.


Hot Tub and Spa Stairs

Our excellent hot tub stairs will improve both the accessibility and attractiveness of your spa area. Our stairs, designed to fit perfectly with your spa surroundings, provide both ease and elegance, allowing you and your visitors easy access.


Health benefits of hot tubs and spas


Why Choose Us?

Aqua Living in Brookfield has an unequaled assortment of hot tubs and spas to fit any lifestyle. With our vast selection, you’re sure to discover the ideal spa for your leisure requirements.


Customer-Focused Approach

At Aqua Living, we sell more than hot tubs. Our customer-centric strategy guarantees that our connection with you lasts well beyond the original transaction. From continuous assistance to maintenance advice and access to a network of hot tub specialists, we put your pleasure first throughout your journey. Choose Aqua Living for a holistic experience that prioritizes your requirements above everything else.


Quality Assurance

We maintain stringent quality control standards for every product in our collection since we realize the value of dependability in your leisure investment. Each hot tub is precisely built to provide long-lasting performance, with a solid structural design and cutting-edge technology for added durability.


Expert Advice

Our team of specialists at is here to help you every step of the way. Customer satisfaction is our priority, and we are dedicated to delivering tailored counsel to help you make educated choices. Trust Aqua Living to ease your anxieties, provide experienced guidance, and help you choose the best hot tub or spa for your unique requirements.


Brookfield hot tubs and spas


High-Quality Accessories

Upgrade your hot tub experience with our carefully picked collection of accessories. Aqua Living provides a wide choice of spa accessories, including attractive steps, comfortable couches, and high-quality chemicals and filters. Our accessories improve the appearance and performance of your hot tub, extending your relaxation time even further. Visit now for an unforgettable hot tub experience in Brookfield.


Aqua Living: High-Quality Hot Tubs and Spas

Experience the ultimate spa luxury at Aqua Living in Brookfield! Our Brookfield store is your one-stop shop for all your spa needs. Making the right choice can be challenging, but our salespersons are here to guide you every step of the way. We offer qualified advice to ensure you make the perfect hot tub or spa choice. Visit or Contact us today to explore our flexible hot tub and spa financing options.


A: We carry top-quality hot tub, cold tub & swim spa brands known for their reliability, innovation, and performance. Brands available on our website and in our showrooms include Hudson Bay Spas, Lifestyle Series Spas, Plug and Power Spas, Tuff Standard Series Spas, Tranquility Series Spas, and Catalina Luxury Spas. Get the personal touch in-store or the ease of online shopping.

A: Choosing the right hot tub or spa model involves considering factors such as seating capacity, size, features, space availability, and budget. Aqua Living provides detailed product descriptions, specifications, and customer reviews to help you make the right decision. You can also visit one of our showrooms to experience our products firsthand and receive personalized assistance from our expert team.

A: Proper care of your hot tub is crucial for ensuring its longevity and good performance. Our website offers lots of helpful guides and information about how to care for your hot tub. Our guides cover things like cleaning the tub, keeping the water clean, looking after the filter, and fixing any common problems. If you have any questions about taking care of your hot tub, our team is here to help.

A: Shop online at, or get in touch with us by email or phone. You can also visit our showrooms all across the US.

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