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Pennsylvania is a state that’s known for its fluctuating temperatures and westerly winds, which make for a humid continental climate. People here love to make their living spaces comfortable and relaxing despite the unpredictable weather. That’s where Aqua Living comes in. Having a swim spa isn’t just a luxury. It’s an essential part of creating the perfect space for relaxation. Whether hot or cold outside, a hot tub or swim spa with hydrotherapy jets can help soothe your muscles and increase blood flow, providing a peaceful oasis to unwind. You can find hot tubs and spas for sale in Pennsylvania at our dealership. So contact us!

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Upgrade Your Pennsylvania Lifestyle with Aqua Living

Relaxation and luxury are just a stone’s throw away with Aqua Living’s fantastic range of hot tubs and spas. Our products are built to resist Pennsylvania’s various weather conditions, ensuring they are durable and provide long-lasting satisfaction to residents. Unwind and indulge in our spas’ innovative features, such as hydrotherapy jets, while enjoying customizable heat settings that maximize comfort and health benefits.


Our hot tubs are the perfect retreat, whether you want to recharge after a long day or spend quality spa time. Contact us today to learn more about our selection, and visit our Pennsylvania showroom to experience the transformative power of an Aqua Living spa for yourself.


High-Quality Hot Tubs at Aqua Living

At Aqua Living’s Warminster dealership in Pennsylvania, we are delighted to provide a range of high-quality hot tubs and spas to enhance your leisure experience. Our luxury spas offer the ideal escape after a hard day, giving equal parts relaxation and enjoyment.


With strong jets and an ergonomic design, our hot tubs are suitable for frequent usage, encouraging well-being and rejuvenation with each dip. Whether you’re searching for a calm, solitary vacation or want to spend quality time with family and friends, our hot tubs provide the ideal setting for relaxation and connection. Visit our Warminster store now to see our selection of quality spas.


Swim spas for sale in Pennsylvania

Find Your Hot Tub at Aqua Living’s Warminster Dealership

Our dealership is conveniently located in Warminster, Pennsylvania, making it readily accessible to Bellefonte, Philipsburg, Huntington, and State College residents. Whether you want the utmost relaxation of a hot tub or the energizing experience of a swim spa, our professional sales staff are here to help you with any questions.


Visit our Warminster, Pennsylvania, store today to see our vast collection of hot tubs and swim spas. Let us help you design the ideal outdoor place for maximum relaxation and hydrotherapy. At Aqua Living, we are dedicated to providing you with the ideal hot tub experience based on your preferences.


Our Hot Tub and Spa Selection

Our goal is to meet your relaxation requirements by providing a variety of add-ons that complement your entire hot tub and spa experience. Discover our remarkable range of spas, including popular series like the Lifestyle, Catalina, and Hudson Bay.


Hudson Bay Series

Our Hudson Bay Hot Tubs and Spas set the standard for hydrotherapy convenience. Each type is tailored to your needs, from little 2-person retreats to large 6-person sanctuaries. Hudson Bay Hot Tubs and Spas are well-known for their long-lasting quality and comfort, with a three-year warranty on the shell and structure and a one-year guarantee on crucial components.


Lifestyle Series

Immerse yourself in luxury with our Lifestyle Series Spas, which include an astonishing 106 carefully positioned jets that target particular areas, including the feet, shoulders, and neck. Enhance your spa experience with integrated MP3-compatible speakers and a powerful subwoofer entertainment system. It is designed to last, with a 2-year warranty on vital components and a 5-year guarantee on the shell and structural sections.


Plug & Power Series

Our Plug and Power Spas, powered by a 220V source and featuring Turbo Seat Technology, improve jet pressure for two seats. These spas are available in various attractive colors and come with a 5-year warranty on the shell and structure and a 2-year guarantee on crucial piping components.


Tuff Standard Series

Our Tuff Standard Hot Tubs and Spas blend conventional design with long-lasting sturdiness. These roto-molded hot tubs have multicolored underwater lighting, stainless steel jets, and Bluetooth audio packs.

Hot-tub covers

Tranquility Series

Our Tranquility Series, which incorporates MP3-compatible speakers, Balboa Systems spa controls, and full-foam insulation, will transport you to a serene setting. With a base price that includes a spa cover, the Tranquility Series offers a luxurious spa experience enhanced by cutting-edge technology.


Catalina Series

Our Catalina Series strikes the perfect blend of style and convenience. Spa-goers will find a haven of luxury and quiet in the Catalina Series, which has cutting-edge spa technology, high-quality materials, and gorgeous design.


Hot Tub and Spa Accessories


Chemicals and Filters

Enhance your hot tub experience with our carefully selected chemicals and filters that maintain water purity and enhance performance. Immerse yourself in crystal-clear water, which creates the perfect environment for relaxation. Select from our high-quality range for a refreshing hot tub session with incredible advantages.



Our durable hot tub accessories will provide you with years of delight. Each component is expertly crafted to ensure your hot tub lasts for years and functions properly. Investing in these high-quality components will help your hot tub last longer and give you years of trouble-free fun.


Hot Tub & Spa Pillows

Our plush hot tub and spa cushions will make your hot tub experience more enjoyable. These silky pillows enable you to rest fully, providing the perfect finishing touch to your spa session. During your spa treatment, immerse yourself in the plushness and surrender to a deep, relaxing pleasure.


Hot Tub and Spa Stairs

Our sleek hot tub stairs are simple and beautiful, facilitating entry to your spa while improving its visual appeal. These appealing and effective measures make access straightforward. Increase access to your hot tub and enhance the overall experience for everyone.

Premium spa selection

Why Choose Us?

Explore Aqua Living to find a variety of hot tubs and spas built for diverse lifestyles. Our hot tub selection ensures that you’ll find the perfect one for your needs, with innovative features, gorgeous craftsmanship, and current designs.


Customer-centric Approach

Putting our customers first, we provide more than just a transaction. Benefit from our ongoing help, qualified guidance on hot tub maintenance, and access to a network of specialists. Aqua Living offers unparalleled hot tub experiences.


Quality Assurance

We recognize the value of trustworthy hot tubs and spas. Therefore, we subject each product to stringent quality testing. Every hot tub is meticulously crafted for long-term usage, with sturdy structural components and cutting-edge technological improvements.


Expert Advice

Using a hot tub for the first time might be intimidating, but Aqua Living has a team of experts ready to assist you. Our primary goal is your satisfaction, and we will provide you with all the information you need to make informed decisions. Trust our knowledgeable team to give personalized direction and assistance in selecting the best hot tub or hot spring spa for your needs.


High-Quality Accessories

Enhance your hot tub experience with our selection of accessories. Aqua Living provides a variety of accessories to help your hot tub look and work better, such as chemicals, filters, soft couches, and stylish steps. Count on our high-quality add-ons to improve your hot tub experience and optimize your leisure time.


Aqua Living: Your Trusted Swim Spa Provider

Aqua Living’s Warminster dealership in Pennsylvania has a wide range of hot tubs and spas. Our state-of-the-art hot tubs and swim spas feature hydrotherapy jets that enhance blood flow and promote wellness, ensuring you feel relaxed and rejuvenated after every use. Contact us today or visit our Warminster showroom to discover your perfect spa oasis and enjoy the ultimate relaxation experience right at home.



A: We carry top-quality hot tub, cold tub & swim spa brands known for their reliability, innovation, and performance. Brands available on our website and in our showrooms include Hudson Bay Spas, Lifestyle Series Spas, Plug and Power Spas, Tuff Standard Series Spas, Tranquility Series Spas, and Catalina Luxury Spas. Get the personal touch in-store or the ease of online shopping.

A: Choosing the right hot tub or spa model involves considering factors such as seating capacity, size, features, space availability, and budget. Aqua Living provides detailed product descriptions, specifications, and customer reviews to help you make the right decision. You can also visit one of our showrooms to experience our products firsthand and receive personalized assistance from our expert team.

A: Proper care of your hot tub is crucial for ensuring its longevity and good performance. Our website offers lots of helpful guides and information about how to care for your hot tub. Our guides cover things like cleaning the tub, keeping the water clean, looking after the filter, and fixing any common problems. If you have any questions about taking care of your hot tub, our team is here to help.

A: Shop online at, or get in touch with us by email or phone. You can also visit our showrooms all across the US.

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