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South Dakota residents can enjoy ultimate leisure with Aqua Living, tucked away in the center of this state’s famous beauty. We have a variety of hot tubs and spas to suit every requirement. If you’re searching for hot tubs and spas for sale in South Dakota, Aqua Living is your trustworthy provider. Contact us today for instant rebate offers on hot tubs and spa accessories.

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Unmatched Comfort with Aqua Living‘s Spa Systems

Enjoy luxury at home with Aqua Living’s spa systems. Our swim spas and hot tubs are outfitted with an array of entertaining elements that turn your bubble bath into a soothing haven. We provide temperature settings that you may customize to your liking.  


You can turn your house into a peaceful retreat with our spa choices, including practical hot tubs and spa accessories. With spa systems from Aqua Living, you can unwind to a whole new level since they provide the ideal balance of convenience and comfort right to your door.


South Dakota’s High-Quality Hot Tubs & Spas

Improve your living experience in Cow Creek, Blunt, or Gettysburg with a hot tub or spa from Aqua Living, South Dakota. We offer trustworthy and enjoyable hot tub experiences as your go-to one-stop shop.

Our commitment to excellence guarantees that our hot tubs will arrive at your house with elegance, practical features, and little upkeep. Feel free to contact us to complement your South Dakota way of life.

Spas and Hot tubs in South Dakota

Our Stores in South Dakota

Our Sioux Falls store is the best place for Harrold, Eagle Butte residents, and the surrounding regions. Discover our hot tubs and upgrade your lifestyle. Aqua Living’s Sioux Falls dealership is the place to come if you’re interested in anything from swim spas to cutting-edge hot tub accessories. Feel free to contact us and start your journey with Aqua Living toward pleasant living right here in the heartland of South Dakota!


Our Hot Tubs and Spas Selection

Visit Aqua Living to find spas and hot tubs for everyone, where we’re dedicated to making you feel relaxed. We provide a range of add-ons to improve your hot tub and spa experience. View our spa assortment, which includes some of our well-known variations, such as the Lifestyle Series, Catalina Series, and Hudson Bay Series.  


At Aqua Living, we aim to provide South Dakota residents looking for the ultimate relaxation of the ideal hot tub experience. Check out our hot tub accouterments to enhance your leisure time.


Hudson Bay Series

With our Hudson Bay Hot Tubs and spas, you will experience convenience in hydrotherapy. Among our models is the 115V Hudson Bay Spa, which combines powerful 220V hot tub functions. These spas, which vary from cozy 2-person retreats to roomy 6-person sanctuaries, are customized to fit your lifestyle. Hudson Bay Hot Tubs and hot spring spas are known for their durability and comfort. They are backed by a three-year warranty on the shell and structure and a one-year guarantee on the piping and other necessary parts.


Lifestyle Series

Our Lifestyle Series Spas have an astounding 106 thoughtfully positioned jets for massaging the feet, shoulders, calves, and neck. With integrated MP3-ready speakers and a powerful subwoofer entertainment system, you may enhance your spa experience. These spas are made to last, with a 2-year guarantee on key components and a 5-year warranty on shell and structural elements.


Plug and Power Series

The Plug and Power Spas, with a 220V power supply and using Turbo Seat Technology, enhance jet pressure on two seats. These spas, which come in attractive colors including Deep Water, Pearl, Opal, Midnight Canyon, Sterling Silver, and Tuscan Sun, have a 5-year warranty on the shell and structure and a 2-year guarantee on important plumbing parts.

Hot tub and spa covers

Tuff Standard Series

Embrace a classic, long-lasting, and sound design with our Tuff Standard Hot Tubs & Spas. With amenities like multicolored underwater lighting, stainless steel jets, computerized controls, Bluetooth audio packages, cushioned headrests, and more, these roto-molded tubs have a sturdy single-frame construction. These spas’ lifetime is increased by an additional layer of resilience provided by the exclusive “Tuff Top” cover.


Tranquility Series

With features like MP3-ready speakers, Balboa Systems spa controls, black and chrome alpha series jets, factory-installed ozonators, perimeter lighting, one or two six bHP pumps, and full-foam insulation, our Tranquility Series will transport you to a peaceful, tranquil place, with a base price that includes a spa cover, the Tranquility Series delivers an extensive range of luxury amenities and state-of-the-art technology.


Catalina Series

Catalina Series expertly combines style and convenience. Savor the best in spa technology, high-quality materials, and breathtaking design. Meeting the needs of the pickiest spa-goers, the Catalina Series offers an unrivaled haven of luxury and peace.


Hot Tubs and Spas Accessories

With a variety of accessories from Aqua Living, you can improve your spa experience.


Chemicals and Filters

With our carefully chosen chemicals and filters, designed to preserve water purity and maximize performance, you can enhance your hot tub experience. To create the ideal relaxed atmosphere, submerge yourself in crystal-clear water. Select our premium items for a rejuvenating hot tub experience that guarantees exceptional performance.



Invest in long-lasting leisure with our sturdy hot tub accessories. Each part is expertly crafted to guarantee the lifespan and trouble-free functioning of your hot tub for many years. Increase the hot tub’s longevity and guarantee years of trouble-free use by purchasing these excellent parts.


Hot Tub and Spa Pillows

Our hot tub and spa cushions will give your hot tub additional comfort. These plush pillows invite you to experience the utmost relaxation. They are the ideal way to round off your spa day. During your spa session, lose yourself in the plushness and give in to a deep sensation of relaxation.


Hot Tub and Spa Stairs

With our elegant hot tub stairs, you can achieve convenience and elegance while making it simple to enter your spa. These stylish and practical stairs provide easy access while adding to the spa’s visual appeal. Boost your hot tub’s accessibility so visitors can easily immerse themselves in the peace of your spa retreat.

Hot tubs and spas in Sioux Falls

Why Choose Aqua Living?

Visit Aqua Living to browse various hot tubs and spas that suit different lifestyles. Our comprehensive selection guarantees you’ll discover the ideal hot tub for your requirements. Explore our features, fine artistry, and cutting-edge designs.


Customer-Centric Approach

Putting our clients first, we are dedicated to providing more than just a transaction. Take advantage of our ongoing assistance, professional guidance on hot tub maintenance, and connection to a hot tub expert network. For an exceptional hot tub experience, go with Aqua Living.


Quality Assurance

Understanding the importance of dependable hot tubs and spas, we ensure that every product goes through extensive quality inspections. Every hot tub is expertly built for durability, with solid structural construction and state-of-the-art technology features. You may be confident that purchasing our goods will last a lifetime.


Expert Advice

Using a hot tub for the first time may seem intimidating, but Aqua Living has a team of professionals to help. Our main objective is your pleasure, and we’re committed to giving you all the information you need to make wise choices. For any questions, individualized guidance, and help to choose the best hot tub or hot spring spa for your needs, rely on our knowledgeable team.


High-Quality Accessory

With the help of a selection of hot tub accessories, enhance your experience. Aqua Living provides a wide range of hot tub accessories to improve the look and feel of your hot tub, from chemicals and filters to luxurious cushions and chic steps. You can rely on our high-quality add-ons to enhance the appearance and functionality of your hot tub and increase the pleasure of your downtime.


Aqua Living: Ultimate Relaxation in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Aqua Living’s Sioux Falls showroom redefines quality and price. Our South Dakota staff is dedicated to helping you locate the ideal hot tub or spa that fits your requirements and price range. Our dealership prioritizes providing long-lasting items so you may enjoy your investment for many years. Take the chance to turn your garden into an opulent retreat. Check out our extensive spas and hot tubs when you visit us today. Contact us now to start your road toward the best possible rest in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

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